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NEJS CONF 2016 Recap

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Keynote: How to Scratch an Itch

Presented by Justin Searls (@searls)

JS Debuggers: Our Flashlight in the Dark Woods

Presented by John K. Paul (@johnkpaul)

Webpack: The Core Concepts

Presented by Sean Larkin (@thelarkinn)

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Web Apps

Presented by Andrew Cassell (@alc277)

Omaha Girls Who Code

Presented by Omaha Girls Who Code (@omagirlswhocode)

Web APIs You Didn’t Know Existed

Presented by Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha)

I Think I Know What You’re Talking About, But I’m Not Sure

Presented by Jennifer Wong (@mybluewristband)

Decorate the World

Presented by Nicholas Mackey (@nicholas_mackey)

Modern Websites for the Modern Web

Presented by Patrick Kettner (@patrickkettner)

Keynote: Communication is Just as Important as Code

Presented by Andrea Goulet (@andreagoulet)