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About NebraskaJS

NebraskaJS was founded in fall of 2009 by local front-end heros Jonathan Sharp, Andrew Wirick, and Eli Perelman. It was originally focused solely on jQuery, but later expanded to include other front end technologies.

In 2012, group leadership duties were passed on to Zach Leatherman and the group decided to move away from a jQuery focus toward a more generic JavaScript (and front-end) focus. Nick Nisi joined mid-2013 primarily to get more JavaScript developers to use Vim. In 2014, Blaine Kasten joined to bring NebraskaJS to Lincoln.

Our goals:

  • Encourage open source/community contributions by our members. A portion of every meeting is dedicated to small lightning talks on GitHub issues that members in the community have contributed to (no issue too small).
  • Sharing workflow and useful tools. Small coding exercises dedicated to showing how others work can expose useful tips and tricks to separate the wheat from the chaff in development tooling.
  • All presentations are recorded and published online, in the hopes that it will improve the quality of presentations and offer nice exposure and incentive to present.
We seek to bring together the developer and designer community in Nebraska and cover interesting topics relevant to front end web development. Come join us for an informative event and a great community!

This is the group formerly known as Omaha jQuery Meetup (2009) and Omaha Front-End Web & jQuery (2011).