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NEJS CONF 2015 Recap

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Keynote: Responsive, Adaptive, and Responsible

Presented by Christian Heilmann (@codepo8)

Believe in Streams

Presented by Pam Selle (@pamasaur)

Using Custom Elements Today

Presented by Mike Macaulay (@mmacaula)

High Performance in the Critical Rendering Path

Presented by Nicolas Bevacqua (@nzgb)

Reacting to the Isomorphic Buzz

Presented by Bruce Coddington (@brucecoddington)

Architecting Communities

Presented by Amanda Harlin (@amandaharlin)

SVG Animation with Snap.svg

Presented by Julia Smith (@julia67)

You and the Temporal Dead Zone, ES6 Variables for Fun and Profit

Presented by Isaac Murchie (@pamasaur)

Keynote: The Map and the Territory

Presented by Ethan Marcotte (@beep)