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NebraskaJS is coming to Lincoln

Nebraska has always had great web developers in our state. But our talent is often underpromoted on a wider stage, mostly because many here do little to no self promotion! This is what NebraskaJS is trying to change. Witnessing so many amazingly talented people come together to share ideas in Omaha has been incredibly humbling. But of course Nebraska isn't just Omaha. There is a thriving JavaScript ecosystem just waiting to be discovered in Lincoln as well.

With that in mind, NebraskaJS is incredibly excited to announce that Blaine Kasten is opening a new branch of NebraskaJS in Lincoln!

The first NebraskaJS Lincoln meetup will be November 20th at Hudl and will be lightning talks! **If you would like to help the NebraskaJS community and present on a topic, please send us a tweet (@nebraskajs) or post a comment on the meetup page!

We hope these two branches of NebraskaJS will continue to highlight the amazing passion of Nebraska programmers and compound the growth of NebraskaJS as a whole.