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Hardware is the New Geocities

Presented by Matt Steele

  1. Matt Steele Matt Steele Blog

Matt is one of those people who is clearly not afraid of a live demo. In one of NebraskaJS’s most demo-rich presentations he showcases:

  • 5:34 Johnny Five
  • 6:50 Arduino with blinking LED.
  • 7:25 Uses WebRTC to show his webcam on the projector.
  • 12:04 Potentiometers
  • 14:02 Socket.IO
  • 16:38 A hardware knob to dynamically adjust a web page’s font-size (truly fluid text).
  • 17:08 Light sensors
  • 19:09 A light sensor to dynamically adjust a web page’s background color (ambiance web design, anyone?).
  • 20:05 Flex sensors and a DIY Power Glove.
  • 24:11 Hook a Wii Nunchuck into your Arduino.
  • 27:59 Using the Wii Nunchuck to control an image on a web page.
  • 29:38 Parrot AR.Drone (Nodecopter)
  • 32:34 Flying the drone with some demo JavaScript.
  • 34:31 Streaming the drone’s front facing camera to a web page.
  • 35:41 Flying the drone using the Wii Nunchuck.

Really an amazing presentation.