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Call for New Speakers

One of the primary goals we have for NebraskaJS is to put more local developers into the public eye. We have a lot of really talented developers in this community that don’t do a lot of self-marketing. We are here to help with that!

At HowConf this past week there were sessions that were similar in content to those at JSConf US 2013, and in my opinion the HowConf content was more technically advanced than the JSConf material. This tells me that something is misaligned.

We need new people to contribute to the group. We are always looking for local developers to give lightning talks at our meetups, and in that vein we are going to do a different format for the next meeting—it’s going to be all lightning talks. We’ll have about seven or eight session slots available and we want to get as many new speakers into those slots as we can. If we get more than eight submissions, preference will be given to those that have not presented before.

If public speaking makes you nervous, giving a lightning talk can be a great way to practice. It’s short and not incredibly detailed. You often aren’t trying to communicate a nuanced idea in five or ten minutes—just a few main details.

If you’re hesitant about picking a topic or the inaccuracy of your content, ask us! We have a ton of topic ideas that you can choose from. Or if you have a topic in mind we will personally look over your slides and give suggestions beforehand. We’re a very forgiving group—I encourage you to give it a shot!

Next year when we’re selecting speakers for the NebraskaJS conference, we will give preference to those that have given talks at the meetup. So strike while the Fe > 100ºC.

If you’re interested, leave a comment here, send a tweet to @nebraskajs, or add your name to the wiki. Or contact us on any of the other social networking pages we have up. Get in touch!